British Sign Language

British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL) is the sign language used in the United Kingdom and is the first or preferred language of Deaf people in the UK. Many thousands of people who are not Deaf also use BSL, as hearing relatives of Deaf people, sign language interpreters, or as a result of other contact with the British Deaf community.

BSL is a visual/gestural language so you will not need to do any written work. Your tutor, will guide you through a variety of learning activities including: tutor led demonstrations, role play, group and pair work, and video presentations.

How to apply

The online product store is currently closed but if you would like to register your interest please email 


The timetable for our next lot of courses starting in January 2019 is now available below:

BSL Semester 2 2018-19 Timetable

If you have any further questions about this course, please email

Our courses

All courses will be taught in sign language and will follow the ‘Signature’ (formerly the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People) curriculum.

Our courses are open to York St John University students, staff and external participants aged over 18 years. Once enrolled, you will have access to the University facilities, such as the library and online learning support. Courses run for 12 weeks (including exam week).

British Sign Language levels on offer are:

BSL Beginners (DOC, 52kB) (preparation for Signature 101)

BSL Continuation (DOC, 42.5kB) (preparation for Signature 102 & 103)

BSL Intermediate 1, 2 & 3 (DOC, 43kB) (preparation for Signature 201, Signature 202 and Signature 203)

BSL Advanced Part 1 (DOC, 49.5kB) (run during January - May each year)*

BSL Advanced Part 2 (DOC, 50.5kB) (run during September - January each year)*

BSL Advanced Part 3 (DOC, 51kB) (run during January - May each year)*

*Please email if you are interested in taking Advanced modules)


The Beginners, Continuation and Intermediate modules are priced at £250 for external applicants, £100 for York St John University students as extra-curricular; no charge if taken as part of a York St John University degree. (The above prices exclude Signature Exams Fees).

The Advanced modules are priced at £667 for all applicants. 

Payment to be made in full via the Online product store prior to acceptance on the course.

More information

Please contact the School of Languages and Linguistics Administrator


T: +44 (0)1904 876507

    +44 (0)1904 876050

York St John Sign Bar

York St John Sign Bar is a social group to help people practice their sign language outside of the classroom with different people and have a good time, it’s a good place to learn and to have fun and with languages practice. It’s for BSL students to join and to take advantage of the support and fun that can be had with the SIGN BAR.

York St John Sign Bar also has a Facebook page

Links to other websites

Signature promotes excellence in communication with deaf and deaf/blind people so our vision of a society in which deaf people have full access can become a reality.

Action Deafness Books is a book store and publisher, specialising in resources on D/deafness and D/deaf issues.

Terms and Conditions

1.  A full refund will be available if:

  • A course is closed due to lack of numbers
  • The course time or date is changed, which means you can no longer attend.
  • We receive written notification that you are no longer able to attend up to two weeks before the start date.


2. A partial refund (75%) will be available in the following circumstances:

  • If you have only attended up to 3 classes within the first 4 weeks in respect of any one module.


3.  In the event that a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. sudden staff illness, extreme weather) we will liaise with students to re-arrange the class. No refunds will be made if you cannot attend the re-arranged class.


4.  Regular attendance is essential to take full advantage of our courses. If you are unable to attend a class, please complete the online absence form.

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