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Biosciences students using laboratory equipment

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Analyse the causes and effects of human disease

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Biosciences student holding up petri dish

Carry out innovative experiments to explore how your body works and investigate the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Our accredited Biosciences courses can prepare you for a career as a biomedical scientist. As well as leading to laboratory based roles, you will also have the skills you need for a career in forensic science, data analysis, science writing and pharmacology.


Biosciences students looking through microscope

Applied Biosciences: Bioinformatics BSc (Hons)

On this degree you will specialise in gathering and analysing biological data. You will study human biology while developing your statistical, mathematical and computational skills. This will allow you to create, store and scrutinise complex data...

Biomedical science student working in laboratory

Applied Biosciences: Cancer Biology BSc (Hons)

On this degree you will specialise in the metabolic and cellular changes associated with cancer at a molecular level. You will explore tumour formation and disease progression and analyse contemporary treatment strategies. We will give you the...

Biosciences student writing notes in laboratory

Applied Biosciences: Medical Biochemistry BSc (Hons)

Biochemistry is the exploration of life at a molecular level. Study how it can help us know more about diseases and how to treat them. Learn about the interactions between biological molecules and investigate the triggers for common biochemical...

Biosciences student in laboratory drawing on graph paper and monitoring equipment

Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

Carry out laboratory tests to examine how different diseases affect the normal structure and function of the human body. Gain scientific knowledge and laboratory skills needed to investigate, diagnose, monitor and treat different types of disease...

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