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York Business School

Advanced Level Entry

Interested in transferring to one of our business courses for your third year?

What is Advanced Entry? 

Advanced Entry allows you to transfer existing credits from your current institution. This means you can join either the second or third year of our business courses. You will need to have passed the first or second year of a related programme to join via advanced entry.

How do I apply for Advanced Entry?

There are 2 ways you can transfer credits and join a course. You can transfer through UCAS or you can transfer by applying directly to us.

Transfer by applying directly to us
We can accept direct applications if you have not already applied through UCAS for 2020 entry.

You can make an application using our Transfer Application Form.

Transfer through UCAS
If you are applying through UCAS, if your chosen course is not available on the UCAS course list, you will need to select an alternative course in the Business School on your UCAS application and contact with your selected course from the list below. The Admissions Team will then be able to change your course selection internally.


With your application, you will need to include a copy of your current transcript. You can get this from the registry department at your current institution. Our academic staff will use this to map your completed modules to those on our courses. You can either upload this in your application or send it directly to us via email.

You will need to have completed and passed the appropriate amount of relevant degree level credits. For second year entry, you will need 120 credits. For third year entry, you will need 240 credits.

What can I study?

We can accept new students onto the third year of the following Business courses:

Accounting and Business Management

Studying Accounting & Business Management is a great opportunity to gain a degree that is clearly focused on your long-term career prospects in a wide variety of contexts.

Accounting and Finance

Studying Accounting & Finance gives you an understanding of concepts needed to be a professional accountant, set up your own business, work in professional practice or in the public/private sectors.

Business and Economics

Learn skills required to solve business problems, with a particular focus on a software approach to business information systems and gain additional Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accreditation.

Business Information Management

Learn skills required to solve business problems, with a particular focus on a software approach to business information systems and gain additional Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accreditation.

Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology will give you a thorough understanding of accounting concepts, which is ideal if you want to go on to be a professional accountant across a range of business contexts.

Business Management

If you’ve set your sights on a career in management, studying our Business Management degree provides an excellent starting point, offering the opportunity to develop your employability. You will also develop managerial skills and perspectives, whilst gaining valuable, practical experience of management situations. 

Business Management and Finance

Build core Business Management knowledge and skills in finance. Learn their importance in internal decision making for external stakeholders and internal managers and directors alike.

Business Management and Human Resource Management

Get a foundation in Business, specialising in Human Resource Management through specialist modules including theoretical and practical issues from a strategic, functional and operational perspectives.

Business Studies

Our business courses in York offer great opportunities to study a broad range of business areas whilst developing specialist knowledge. Our Business Studies BA (Hons) is ideal if you are seeking a course which allows you the flexibility those aspects of business which best suit your interests or long-term career goals.

Economics and Finance

Develop the skills, perspectives and valuable experience to help you succeed in the business arena and gain Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accreditation including an additional qualification.

Events and International Hospitality Management

This course is designed for people who wish to be effective managers and practitioners in events and hospitality. Throughout the course you will get the opportunity to engage in real events.

Events Management

The Events Management BA (Hons) is designed to give you the essential knowledge and practical experience to build a career in an exciting and evolving industry.

International Business Management

Study towards working in a global context in national, international and multi-national companies whilst learning a range of key management concepts with a clear international focus.

International Hospitality Management

Hospitality and Tourism is one of the world's biggest industries. It employs over 60 million people globally. This degree will provide you with the skills needed to pursue a management career in this industry. It's the key to travelling the world and immersing yourself in different cultures.

International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Hospitality and Tourism are among the world's most popular industries, employing over 60 million people globally. A Tourism and Hospitality based degree will provide graduates with the skills needed to travel the world, work in a range of exciting sectors and meet a range of different people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Marketing and Events Management

Events generate significant income for the UK and worldwide economy. Critical to its success is marketing. This programme aims to develop graduates able to be effective in the promotion and marketing of events. 

Marketing and International Hospitality Management

While Hospitality may be a thriving industry, like all business sectors, its success depends on effective marketing. This course combines an understanding of both marketing and hospitality management, allowing you to develop as an effective marketer in the Hospitality sector.

Marketing Management

Explore Marketing and its Management as a key aspect of business activity, combining academic and real-world scenarios to solve problems in a range of contexts through case studies and project work.

Sport Management

Sports Management is an opportunity to develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge to be effective in a management role, while also learning about a critical sector in the UK economy.

Sports Marketing Management

Sports Marketing is a growing industry locally, nationally and internationally. You will consider how temporary marketing techniques impact on the commercial success of the Sports Industry.

Tourism and Events Management

The BA (Hons) Tourism and Events Management programme provides an exciting opportunity to study in a culturally rich city where tourism and events are central to the economic success of the city.
Tourism Management

Tourism Management

Central to the programme is a commitment to self-directed enquiry through project work and research and the exploration of opportunities to encounter and engage with tourism a real cultural issue and key business sector.

Tourism Management and Marketing 

Study industry structure, culture, policy, social responsibility and management with a focus on Marketing and Marketing Strategy, reflecting its importance in the multi-sector industry of tourism.


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