York St John

Reference Documents

Admissions and Registration

Research Student Admissions Policy and Interview Guidance Notes (DOC 0.1MB)


Shortlisting Scoring Sheet (DOCX 102KB)

Research Degrees Interview Proforma (DOCX 23.6KB)

Professional Doctorates- Interview Proforma (DOCX 25.1KB)

Post Interview Admission Approval Form (DOCX 32.6KB)

Professional Doctorates- Post Interview Admission Approval Form (DOCX 30.6 KB)

Change in Start Date Form (DOCX 38.3KB)

PGR - request for a change in programme. (DOCx 26.6 kB

Transfer of a Research Student from another University (DOCX 47.3KB)

Request for a Research Student transfer from another University (DOCX 49KB)

Suspensions and Extensions FAQs (DOCX 29.7KB)

School Suspension Extension Request Form (DOCX 27.1KB)

Student Suspension Extension Request Form (DOCX 39.5KB)

Tier 4 PGR Absence Request Form (DOCx 27.6 kB)



Progress and Monitoring

Guidelines for monitoring the attendance of research students (DOCX 37.9KB)

Guidance for chairs of review panels. (DOCx 30.1 kB)

 For details on Progression, please see section 7 of the Code of Practice.

Progress Report for Review (DOCX 29.5KB)

Review Meeting Report Form (DOCX 33KB)

Progress Report - Pre-Transfer (DOCX 35.3KB)

Professional Doctorates- Progress Report - Pre-Transfer (DOCX 33.9KB)

Statement of Academic Integrity - Transfer Stage (DOC 46.7kB) Guidance for chairs of review panels. (DOCx 30.1 kB)

Joint Report of Transfer Panel (DOCX 90.4KB)

Professional Doctorates- Joint Report of Transfer Panel (DOCX 60.8KB)

Request for a Research Degree transfer from another University. (DOCx 50.2 kB

Request to postpone for date for PhD transfer. (DOCx26.4 kB)

Revised process for review and transfer documentation 2018. (DOCx0.1 MB)

Thesis Submission and Examination

Guide to the Examination Process for Research Degrees

Contains details on Inclusion of Supplementary Data/Information with the thesis & The use of Video Conferencing for an oral examination.

Thesis Submission Form

Complete this form and submit it with your thesis for examination.

Thesis Deposit form

Complete this form and submit it with the final copy of your thesis.

Guidance on Thesis Titles

Guidance on the Use of Solely or Jointly-Authored Publications Within a Thesis Submission

Instructions to Examiners

Contains details on Good practice guidelines for the conduct of the oral examination, External Examiners undertaking their first UK research degree examination & Process in the event of a disagreement between the examiners.


Examination Forms

Independent Chair Report

Research Excellence Policy

Policy and Guidance on the Recording of Oral Examinations

Complaints, Appeals and Disciplinary matters

Eligibility criteria for Examiners

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