Strategy, Policies and Guidance

York St John University is dedicated to providing an inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment which supports a diverse and culturally rich community.

The University is committed to developing, implementing, reviewing and monitoring policies and practices which promote equality, diversity and human rights.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy

As a higher education institution, employer, service provider and a public authority, York St John University is committed to complying with equalities and human rights law, and, in particular, meeting the requirements of the public sector Equality Duty.

The Duty requires the University to have due regard to the need to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Promote equality of opportunity
  • Foster good relations, including tackling prejudice and promoting understanding

We also have a duty to publish equality objectives once every 4 years and to report annually on progress in relation to meeting the public sector Equality Duty.

The 2015-20 University Strategy contains our strategic equality objectives. These are to:

  • Continue to diversify our staff and student populations and advance equality of opportunity for all.
  • Achieve our student Widening Participation (WP) targets, including the expansion of Compact Schemes.
  • Work on improving the recruitment, retention and achievement of under-represented groups.
  • Engage more of our community in events, activities and development sessions to encourage cross-cultural engagement.
  • Continue to support inter-faith dialogue through our Chaplaincy network of faith advisors and community events.
  • Seek to redress the gender imbalance in academic leadership roles.
  • Better our understanding of sexual orientation and religious belief amongst students and staff

University Strategy 2015-20

Within those strategic objectives, the University has agreed three themes. These themes are:

  • promoting ethnic diversity at York St John University.
  • implementing the Inclusive Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework with a particular focus on:
    1. ensuring teaching and learning delivery is accessible and inclusive for disabled students.
    2. fostering inclusive language and behaviour by staff and students in the classroom.
  • determining effective ways to operationalise equality and diversity in the new University structure.

Additionally, the University is working to develop a safe and supportive environment for trans students and staff. Trans Inclusive Framework

Annual Equality and Diversity Report

The Equality and Diversity Annual Report provides an overview of the work done by York St John University in the delivery of the University’s equality objectives, drawing attention to key achievements and challenges.

Annual Equality and Diversity Report 2017 (PDF, 0.1MB)

Annual Equality and Diversity Report 2016 (PDF 169.1 kB)

Annual Equality and Diversity Report 2015 (PDF, 754kB)


Equality and Diversity Policies and Guidance

Our Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy Statement sets out the University’s commitment to producing, implementing, reviewing and monitoring policies which promote equality, diversity and human rights, and to sustaining an environment which is free from all forms of unfair treatment, discrimination and harassment for all those who study, work and engage with the institution. The Policy is supported by Supplementary Notes which provide more detail about the particular policies and guidance that the University has introduced to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people in all areas of its business.

Equality Analysis Toolkit

To enable staff to be proactive in identifying equality issues, the University has introduced an Equality Analysis Toolkit, including a comprehensive toolkit supported by training. The process has been rolled out across the University.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Regulations introduced as part of the Equality Act 2010 (section 147) require that UK organisations with more than 250 staff report and publish specific information on an annual basis relating to: the median gender pay gap and mean gender pay gap; quartile pay bands; and any gender gaps in bonus pay. York St John University has published this information for 2017 in a report which provides the detail behind our figures and the actions we are taking in relation to these issues.

Download the YSJ Gender Pay Gap (PDF, 5.5MB)

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