Training for Music Technology A/S Level Teachers

York St John University
Event Time
28 June 2017 9.30am - 3.30pm

Category Arts

Teachers will gain an opportunity to:

  • Increase their subject knowledge and explore practical techniques suitable for the classroom
  • Develop classroom strategies, planning and schemes of work
  • Review assessment methods through exemplar work
  • Consider practicalities of running Music Technology courses, managing the resources and work spaces
  • Elaborate on methods ensuring students get the most benefit from courses
  • Provide room for discussion with colleagues, exchange of ideas and best practice



09:30 Coffee & Registration

10:00 Session 1: Sequencing Techniques for Successful Productions
• Recreating artists’ performances; analysis and discrimination skills and tools
• Shaping musical performances; sequencing and editing approaches for convincing outcomes
• Synthesis, Samplers, Drum Machine plug-ins; sound design, manipulation and real time control
• Production and refinement; using plug-ins for Effects and Processing
• Final mix considerations; referencing and evaluation
• Assessed work; standards, criteria for marking

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Session 2: Recording Studio Approaches
• Drum recording and acoustics discussion: getting the best from limited facilities
• Management of multitrack recording projects; first pass, overdub, edits/comping from multiple takes
• General microphone and recording techniques
• Critical listening skills in recording live performers; good practice for fruitful, enjoyable sessions
• Processing, effects and mixing; building the final mix
• Mixdown, referencing and evaluation
• Assessed work; standards and criteria

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Session 3: Creative work in Composition and Arranging
• Approaches to technology based composition and arranging; creating unique ideas with the technology, conventions of electronic composition and arranging
• Sound design and manipulation; Sampling/Audio editing, Synthesis, Creative Effects use
• Working with stimulus material/briefs
• Assessed work; standards and criteria

14:15 Coffee & Discussion

14:30 Session 4: Delivering & Managing the Course: Sharing Good Practice
• Teaching and Learning Strategies
• Designing Schemes of Work, Internal Tracking and Assessment
• Written work including Development and Use of Studio Technology, technical language and descriptions
• Discussion based on group requirements; flexible session where we decide the focus as a group; share best practice, advice & experience
• Upcoming changes to A-level qualifications - the future of Music Technology

15:30 End

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