The Ebor Lectures: Professor Tom McLeish FRS

Temple Hall, York St John University
Event Time
7.00pm Wednesday 5 June 2019

Category Ebor Lecture Series, Humanities, Religion & Philosophy

'Science as Gift not Threat: An Essential Culture-Change for the Church'

A perfect storm of factors over the last century has left the church largely disengaged from science, at best reacting to it as a perceived threat, with a library of apologetics and defensive thinking. But a world faced with changing climate, and deep possibilities in technology, such as genetic medicine and artificial intelligence, cannot afford to bury this God-given talent in the ground. Humanity needs the light and truth of Christian thinking and action to ensure a fruitful future, rather than an impoverished one.

Professor Tom McLeish FRS, a physicist, professor of natural philosophy at the University of York, and an Anglican lay reader, draws on Biblical Wisdom tradition to propose a theology of science that resources the church to get onto the front foot with science. Tom is also a he is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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