The Future of Education, Democracy and Social Justice

De Grey Lecture Theatre
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Thursday 18 October, 6pm - 9pm

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The Future of Education, Democracy and Social Justice


Over a century ago, with the publication of Democracy and Education, John Dewey argued for the mutually dependent relationship linking a legitimate education system and a thriving democracy. Currently, a number of developments undermine the prospects for strong links between education, democracy and social justice including:


  • The growth of inequality in wealth and income, highlighted recently by the OECD and other commentators
  • The rise of performativity and the translation of democratic deliberation and decision making into matters of techno-rationality and efficiency
  • The dismantling of connections between local representative government and education
  • The growth of private forms of educational provision and governance, including private schools and private tutors
  • The promotion of authoritarian cultures and disciplinary regimes in schools
  • The rise of extremism, including religious extremism, and the growing support for extreme right-wing parties and ideas;


Against this background the contributors to this seminar address the question of the relationship – real, ideal and potential – between education, democracy and social justice


Contributors include: 

Professor Richard Pring

Professor Carol Vincent

Professor Martin Mills


Venue: De Grey Lecture Theatre

Time:   18.00

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