Dining Room, York St John University
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Friday 2nd June 2017, 8.45pm - 10.00pm

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Friday 2nd June 2017
8.45pm - 10.30pm
Dining Room, York St John University

Booking is essential for this event so please register in advance to confirm your place.

Join us at this Iftar event, initiated by one of York St John University's Muslim students, and sponsored by York St John University and our Chaplaincy Department. The aim of the Iftar event is to build bridges of dialogue, respect and neighbourliness between different cultures and religions. This is very much in line with York St John’s values and ethos of equality and diversity, community spirit, and our strong sense of belonging. Moreover, it aligns with the city of York being declared as the first Human Rights City in the UK.

Iftar is the Arabic word for the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset, during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a special and very spiritual time for Muslims, in which they read the Qur’an, give acts of charity, and reflect on their relationships with others and the Divine.

By sharing food and explaining our prayer and other religious practices, this Iftar will offer understanding and hospitality to those of all faiths and none. After an introduction by the Chaplain, an address will be given by Professor Karen Stanton, our Vice Chancellor, and there will be an opportunity to witness the prayers said before the meal, with an explanation of their meaning.


8.45pm Introduction by Chaplain, York St John University
8.50pm Address from Professor Karen Stanton, Vice Chancellor, York St John University
9.00pm Prayers
9.30pm Meal served (Free to all attendees)

If you have any queries about this event please contact Annie Rowley, Chaplain:
E: a.rowley@yorksj.ac.uk
T: 01904 876606

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