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7th ICCM Student Symposium: The Boundaries of Practices

  Varied times. See below for further details.

From  Mon 21 November, 2022  to Mon 21 November, 2022

This event will focus on building upon emerging themes from discussions at the 6th Student Symposium.

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Building upon emerging themes from discussions at the 6th Student Symposium Positionality: the role of the researcher in community music, the 7th annual International Centre for Community Music Student Research Symposium will focus on themes related to the boundaries of practices in community music.

Community musicians have been figured as boundary walkers, working across and around the boundaries of different fields including music therapy, community development, music education, ethnomusicology, and social work. Community music can be seen to work at the borders and boundaries of social and cultural marginalisation and exclusion. Community musicians negotiate boundaries within their own practice, for example, boundaries between facilitator and participant; agendas of individuals, organisations, and institutions integral to delivering and funding work; conceptual boundaries such as the tensions between hostility and hospitality.

This year’s theme will provide a frame through which to explore ideas relating to the boundaries of practices asking questions which might include but will not be limited to:

  • What are the boundaries between community music and other fields and the challenges and/or opportunities they pose for community musicians?
  • How do community musicians negotiate the boundaries of power and privilege in their practices.
  • What boundaries exist between community music research and community music practices and in what ways can these be negotiated, reimagined, or re-established?
  • What unhelpful boundaries exist in the field of community music that need to be dismantled or redefined?

As community music continues to grow as a global field, it is important that within our respective contexts, engage in critical analysis of how various boundaries of practices influence our choices.

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York St John University Creative Centre Lord Mayors Walk York YO31 7EX

01904 876 654

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