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Disability support

Dyslexia screening tests

Information about dyslexia screening tests and how to access them.

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There are several online dyslexia screening tools available.

If you undertake a screening or have any questions about dyslexia support, you can book an appointment with a Disability Practitioner.

Please note, a screening tool is just an indicator, which can guide you towards seeking a full Educational Psychologist Assessment. Screening tool reports are NOT evidence of a Specific learning difference (SpLD) and therefore, NOT accepted by the University or Disabled Student Allowance (DSA).

You can find out more by downloading our factsheet or visiting the learning support page.

Dyslexia Factsheet (PDF,32kb) Learning support

Book an assessment with an educational psychologist

An educational psychologist can provide a formal diagnosis of dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD).

The Educational Guidance Service (EGS) provide a service for any students who wish to have an assessment with a qualified educational psychologist. 

Educational Guidance Service (EGS) website

Dyslexia and Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs)

Once you have had a full assessment with an Educational Psychologist you may be able to get additional funding to help with your studies.

DSAs are grants which can be used to pay for this additional support.

How to apply for DSA

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