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Health and wellbeing

Dyslexia and specific learning differences

If you are dyslexic or have a specific learning difference (SpLD) there is lots of support available to you.

You can access support for dyslexia and other SpLDs by visiting the Student Information Desk in Holgate or calling 01904 876 477.

Working with the study development team

We offer interactive workshops, a range of self-help resources and 1:1 tutorials, covering areas such as: critical thinking and writing, active reading strategies, effective note making, and dealing with deadlines.

We can also provide support while you are waiting for an assessment of need and/or funding for your support to be approved.

You can book an appointment with the Study Development Team through the Student Information Desk.

Dyslexia screening

You may wish to undertake dyslexia screening. There are several free online screening tools available: 

If you undertake a screening or have any questions about support please book an appointment with the Disability Advice Team through the Student Information Desk in Holgate Student Centre. A Disability Adviser will discuss with you the various support options available to help you build the skills to succeed at university which may include:

  • A formal assessment with an Educational Psychologist, which will identify your strengths and weaknesses. Please note you will need to book the appointment and cover the cost of the assessment. (For contact details, please ask the Disability Advice Team)
  • Students not in receipt of DSA can create an individual learning pathway with a Study Development Tutor.
  • ILS additional services, including equipment loans.
  • Assistive Technology and training.

Read more on our Dyslexia Factsheet (PDF,32kb) or Evidence Accepted for SpLD

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

Once you have had a full assessment with an Educational Psychologist you may be eligible for additional funding to help with your studies. Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are grants which can be used to pay for this additional support.

If you need help filling out or obtaining a copy of this form please book an appointment with an adviser through the Student Advice Desk in Holgate Student Centre or come to a daily drop in.

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