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Health and wellbeing

Support for Parents and Carers

Pregnancy and your studies

If you find out you are pregnant during your studies you can arrange an appointment with the Welfare Adviser by emailing 

Adjusting your study programme

It is a good idea to speak to your Head of Programme and Academic tutor as soon as you have made a decision. They will be able to explain your options, such as deferring modules or even taking time out from study. Your circumstances and the time of year your baby is due will play a part in this. Whether you choose to defer or continue to study, a risk assessment should be completed by you and your Head of Programme. This is to highlight any areas of support you may require throughout your pregnancy and once the baby is born.

Student funding and entitlements

Once you have discussed the most suitable study option, it is essential you seek advice from the Student Funding Advice Team in Holgate. They will explain any implications regarding your student funding. The Student Funding Advice Team will also be able to discuss any additional funds you may be entitled to as well as welfare or benefit entitlements. To make an appointment please speak to the Student Advice Team in Holgate or Tel. 01904 876477. E.

International students

International students with valid Tier 4 visas may be able to access NHS maternity services, but it depends on how long they have been in the UK. Your best option might be to return home to have your baby unless you have sufficient funds to stay in the UK and pay for necessary medical care. Please remember that most airlines will only allow expectant mothers to travel before they are seven months pregnant. You will need to check this with your airline. For more information about NHS entitlements or if you have questions about what you can do and how it will affect your visa, please contact:

After the birth of your baby

It is a good idea to keep in touch with your Head of Programme/Academic Tutor to reassess your situation once the baby is born. This is so that your return to study can be planned in advance.

Your rights

As a pregnant student or new mother, you have the right not to be discriminated against because of the pregnancy or maternity. If you think that you may have been, please speak to your Head of Programme or Academic Tutor.

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