Drug and Alcohol Support

According to the NHS choices website, peer pressure, cheap student bars and the freedom of living away from home all contribute to the choices students make.

Be aware of the dangers associated with smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs so you can make an informed decision about the way you live your life and care for your health.

For friendly confidential drug advice and for further information Talk to Frank T: 0300 123 6600 TEXT: 82111

Looking for Support?

Here in York, there is support available from Changing Lives 

E: oaktrees.york@changing-lives.org.uk  or T: 01904 621776

For friendly, confidential drug advice and for further information Talk to Frank

Worried about your alcohol consumption?

If you are worried, why not track your alcohol consumption?

Welfare Advice:

Otherwise, to access Welfare advice and have a confidential chat about your concerns, please arrange an appointment:

E: wellbeing@yorksj.ac.uk

Ask for a Welfare appointment at the Student Information Desk in Holgate Student Centre. T: 01904 876477



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