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Wellbeing support

Attending your wellbeing chat

Practical information about attending your wellbeing chat and making the most of your support.

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How you will be contacted

When you completed the request form, you will have chosen either a phone or video wellbeing chat.

For phone chats, your wellbeing practitioner will call using a private mobile. When we call, you will not see a number, it might say private or unknown number. 

For video chats, your practitioner will use Microsoft Teams and you will see the chat in your calendar. If you have not already done so, you can download the Microsoft Teams App. Sign in using your York St John email address and password. For help using Microsoft Teams watch this introduction video.

You can change the way we chat to you at any point. This could be during the chat or in advance by emailing

Attending your chat

Please make a note of your chat time as we will not send a reminder. If you are attending a video chat please dress as if you are meeting with a practitioner in person.

Your practitioner will call you at the scheduled start time. Your appointment will last no more than 40 minutes.

We will not record your chat and we ask that you do not either. This is to protect your confidentiality.

To make the most of your chat, we recommend you:

  • Find a quiet, private space without distractions. You may want to tell others around you that you cannot be disturbed. You may like to put a sign on your door, and set your phone to silent or turn it off.
  • Make yourself comfortable and think about where you will sit. You can select a backdrop on Microsoft Teams if you do not want us to see your room.
  • Check your lighting. Any significant light behind you can affect how you appear on screen.
  • Think about giving yourself some time after the chat. You may want to write notes or reflect so try to avoid rushing off straight away.

Missing your chat

If you do not answer within 10 minutes of the start time your practitioner will end the chat.

If you miss your chat, you will need to book another using our online form.

Rescheduling or cancelling an chat

You can ask us to reschedule by emailing You need to give 48 hours notice to change your chat.

You can also cancel your appointment by email then book another chat using the request form when you are ready.

Problems during your chat

Internet or phone connections can be a problem for anyone, including our practitioners. Please remember this during your chat and it it happens you can try and improve your connection by: 

  • Switching off other devices, including your TV
  • Closing other windows on your device
  • Turning off your video
  • Using earphones or headphones and making sure your volume is set at the right level
  • Making sure no one else in your house is making a video call at the same time.

If your practitioner experiences connection problems they will also follow these steps.

At the start of your chat, your practitioner will check the connection. If the connection is poor, you and your practitioner may decide to change the type of chat.

If you lose connection the practitioner will try and call you back. If you are not able to reconnect, your practitioner will email you later that day to arrange another chat.

Ending a chat

On rare occasions your practitioner may need to end the chat early. They will do this if:

  • You are intoxicated with drugs or alcohol
  • You are abusive towards the practitioner
  • There are constant interruptions to the chat, preventing privacy. 
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