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Wellbeing support

Information for parents and guardians

How you can help your children or relatives during their studies.

Student walking across campus

Due to data protection legislation we protect our students' privacy as legal adults. This means we are unable to share any information about our students, even to their own family, unless we have specific consent to do so. 

Supporting children or relatives at university can be both an exciting and worrying time for parents and guardians.

Some students may quickly settle in to university life and immerse themselves in their new environment. Others may take a little longer to settle in.

How you can help

It can be helpful to:

  • Listen to worries and concerns. Being a supportive presence at the end of a phone can be important. You may be able to give a different perspective on a situation.

  • Promote a step-by-step approach. Taking the start of university one day at a time can help it seem less overwhelming.

  • Encourage spending time with others. This may be face to face following current COVID-19 guidelines around social distancing or it could be about exploring online opportunities to have contact with others. Joining new groups and trying out new activities can help students to start to enjoy their university experience more.

  • Provide reassurance. Let them know it is understandable to feel nervous or worried about new people, places and situations.

You can also encourage your child or relative to use our wellbeing support services.

What to do if you have a serious concern

Let us know if you have serious concerns about the wellbeing or welfare of one of our students.

Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm 

Contact the Student Information Desk (SID) on 01904 876 477. You can also email

Out of hours

If your child or relative lives on campus, you can contact the Security Team on 01904 876 444

If your child or relative does not live on campus contact the emergency services. 

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