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Wellbeing support

Mental Health Advice

The Mental Health Advisers at York St John can support students with already existing, or emerging, mental health diagnoses.

We may support students with short-term interventions to help with a specific issue or offer longer term support to students with severe or enduring mental health needs. If you have a mental health diagnosis and wish to seek support then please attend one of our Wellbeing Drop-In sessions or email

Mental Health Advice is a confidential process. We do not disclose that you are attending Wellbeing sessions to anyone outside of Student Services unless you give your permission. We have a confidentiality agreement that you will be asked to sign upon access to support, and your worker will answer any questions you have related to this as there are some exceptions to this policy.

Support we can offer

Mental Health Advisers can provide the following support for students with a mental health diagnosis:


  • Liaising with the local NHS mental health services to discuss the diagnosis, and access if appropriate, support services in the local community.
  • Ensuring students have a wellbeing plan in place so that they feel confident in their ability to manage times that they may find difficult. This will include working on suitable coping strategies and support options.
  • Liaising with external mental health services and University staff to ensure that support and guidance are provided to other staff supporting students with mental health needs. This will always be in accordance with confidentiality procedures.




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