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Health and wellbeing

Welfare chats

Our welfare chats help you deal with life challenges. Find out what we can help with and how to book a chat.

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A welfare chat is an opportunity for you to talk about challenges you are facing.

Our team have provided support for students in many different situations, including:

  • Disagreements with housemates
  • Drug and alcohol concerns
  • Issues with private landlords
  • Crime (as victim or accused)
  • Bullying, harassment and stalking
  • Domestic violence
  • Personal safety
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual assault (both recent and non-recent)
  • Sex worker support
  • Academic worries, including taking time out of study.

If you want to talk about your mental wellbeing you can book a wellbeing chat

What happens at a chat

Your 1 to 1 chat will be with a Welfare Adviser. You can choose to have your chat by phone or online using Microsoft Teams. Your chat will last for up to 40 minutes.

Our Welfare Advisers are experienced members of staff who understand university processes and have access to a wide variety of internal and external support options.

They can give information and signpost you to further services but they are not qualified to give legal advice. If your situation is complex, we may refer you to an external agency such as the Citizens Advice Bureau

How to book

You can book a chat using our booking system below. You will be able to choose a time and date that works for you. 

Meet our Welfare Advisers

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