Worried About Yourself?

University life is challenging and there will be times when you feel like you are struggling. York St John University provide a range of support services for students to access all year round. There are things you can do right now to help yourself. One of these is to talk to someone else about how you feel. 

You can also check out our self help pages below. They offer practical strategies you can use to help you cope in different circumstances and have links to other useful sites.

Remember, it is usual when you are struggling to stop doing the things that previously helped you. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you used to do, or that you enjoyed or found relaxing or invigorating. If you are not sleeping, this will have an impact on your ability to function and is an important issue for you to address. Similarly, if you are eating poorly, have stopped exercising or aren’t socialising like you once did consider how you can restart these activities.

Need professional help?

The Wellbeing Team offers a range of support to students. Based in Holgate Student Centre, this includes: Counselling, Welfare Advice, Mental Health support and a workshop programme.

The Wellbeing Team offer psychological help on weekdays all year round, access via the Wellbeing Drop-In. For most issues the daily Wellbeing Drop-In is the quickest way to get the support you need, however if your issue is welfare related (e.g. crime support, accommodation issues, hate crime) you can book a session to meet with our Welfare Advisors.

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