Transition to University

The majority of all new university students suffer some degree of anxiety in their first two or three weeks at university. This is normal as you are moving to a new environment.

Prior to going to university you are likely to be excited about your new experience but your expectations, like many, may be unrealistic. As most people do not talk to others about their negative experiences of coming to university it may seem that everyone else is fine and that there is something wrong with you. This is not the case, there is nothing wrong with you, going to any new institution can be an anxious experience. You will be challenged on a regular basis by different ways of living, working, eating, relating, studying, partying, sleeping etc. These challenges can be tiring and make you yearn for the familiar (i.e. home).

Successful students are those that recognise and accept transition for what it is - a natural period of adjustment - and seek help and advice when necessary. If you notice you are feeling particularly anxious, have a persistent low mood or think you might be feeling homesick then have a look at our support pages. 

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