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Looking after yourself during lockdown

Our resources and campaigns to help you stay active.

YSJActive would like to support you with staying active and looking after yourself during lockdown.

We have put together this list of campaigns and resources which you may find helpful.

If you have any questions or need any support please get in touch,

Please ensure you pick a safe space to complete any exercises and that you're able to participate in physical activity. If you have any medical concerns, or are new to physical activity please seek advice from a medical professional before starting.

Online classes


If you are interested in taking part in online Zumba classes with Mariana Lopez please email us via for details.


Marina teaches via Zoom through MI Studio and they are offering an unlimited class pass for £10 per week for new participants during lockdown.

More online class details will be added shortly.

Workouts and healthy living support

We will be sharing workout plans, advice and support through our social media pages.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Pledge for 30

Pledge for 30 is about helping you to commit to a small, healthy behaviour change for 30 days, with the hope that after the 30 days this has become a normal part of your everyday life.

We’ve put together a pledge pack which includes a pledge declaration, a progress calendar, and some advice about how to pick your pledge and how to maximise your chances of success. 

Read more about Pledge for 30 on our dedicated campaigns page

Ditch Your Desk

Ditch Your Desk is all about taking a break to move more and explore everyday, whether that’s campus, the city of York, your garden or your local area.

To help you with this we have provided a range of maps and guides for York and the surrounding area, Leeds, East Riding and North Yorkshire, available through the link below.

Read more about Ditch Your Desk on our dedicated campaigns page

5x5 a day

5x5 a day aims to help you integrate some additional physical activity in to your day in manageable blocks of 5 repetitions, 5 times a day.

We have created a weekly list of 5x5 a day exercises, a weekly checklist so you can tick off each time you complete a set of 5 and information on each exercise.

Read more about 5x5 a day on our social media pages and dedicated campaigns page.

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