Developing Communication Skills for Leadership

Developing Communication Skills for Leadership



Course leader

Rachel Martin

Length of course

Individual study days

Course Venue

York St John University

Level & credit

Study Day

Fees & funding               

Fee £95.

Funded places are available

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Developing Communication Skills for Leadership (PDF,0.5MB)

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Course content

  • A series of one-day courses which provide opportunities to develop and practice effective communications skills. 
  • The courses include insight into communication theories and models and provides strategies for a range of contexts where effective communication skills are essential. 
  • The contexts include meetings, presentations and communicating with difficult people. 
  • Each course is delivered within a group environment with opportunity to learn and reflect from shared experiences.

What will I learn?

Monday 20 March 2017, 9.30am — 4.30pm

Getting Your Voice Heard:  Communicating with Difficult People & Offering & Inviting Feedback
Communicating with Difficult People

  • Analyse communication breakdowns using insights from Transactional Analysis.
  • Explore a range of strategies to communicate with difficult people and people with different styles of communication

Offering and Inviting feedback

  • The role of feedback
  • Specific methods and strategies for giving and receiving feedback
  • The skilful use of questioning

Who should attend?

Health and Social Care Professionals

What difference will it make to attendees?

  • Develop self-confidence to communicate effectively and assertively in a range of scenarios.
  • Extend influence across teams and effectively engage and inspire others.
  • Enhance skills to communicate messages clearly and appropriately.

What difference will it make to my work?

  • Enhance leadership engagement and encourage individuals and teams to feel valued and appreciated.
  • Ensure teams receive consistent and clear messages so that they feel involved and informed.

What difference will it make to my employer or service?

  • Develop transferable communication skills to enhance relationships with individuals, wider teams and service as a whole.
  • Identify practical communication strategies across a range of scenarios.

Course Leader Biography:

Rachel Martin A qualified and experienced coach, lecturer and facilitator.  A Senior Lecturer at York St John and a Coach in the field of Engaging Leadership. Previously, a lecturer at the University of Hull in areas including Communication, Coaching and Mentoring.  A Certified Facilitator for Time To Think (Nancy Kline) and works with organisations to enhance communication and encourage independent thinking.

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