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In response to the global interest in creative music participation and inclusivity the ICCM aims to provide a global forum through which community music research, teaching, scholarship, professional practice and pedagogy can be nurtured, developed, disseminated and networked.

Annual Report for ICCM


  • Creating vibrant, dynamic and diverse opportunities for community music;
  • Creating an ‘academic home’ for community practitioners, academics, educators, and policy makers;
  • Supporting the development of community music through research;
  • Developing transformational music learning and teaching;
  • Building esteem, respect and reputation
  • Publications

What do we mean by Community Music?

Community musicians intentionally set-out to create spaces for inclusive and participatory musical doing. This impulse comes from a belief that music making is a fundamental aspect of the human experience and is therefore an intrinsic and foundational part of human culture and society. As a perspective those that work this way do so with a commitment to musical expression as a crucible for social transformation, emancipation, empowerment, and cultural capital. As a broad approach to music education community musicians places emphasis on conversation, negotiation, collaboration, and cultural democracy. Community music is therefore an interventionist approach between a music leader or facilitator and those participants who wish to be involved.

People, Place, Participation, Inclusive and Diverse

People: Music is one of the distinctive aspects of being human. Placing participants alongside community musicians as co-authors and collaborators encourages journeying together towards transformative musical experiences.

Places: The context is paramount and becomes a pivot for music making, critical inquiry, and conversation.

Participation: Creating opportunities for active music participation forms the heart of community music. This means those that work in these ways seek ways to increase accessible pathways that lead toward meaningful musical engagement.

Inclusion: Community music emphases the importance of making connections among people, across issues, and over time. By encouraging expansive and on-going frameworks for interaction community musicians seeks to create engaged populations and communities of practice.

Diversity: Integral to community music is the celebration of difference that can only take place in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

What we do?

Research: Developing collaborative partnerships to increase the body of knowledge associated to community music

Teaching and Learning: Contributing to the growth and development of community music teaching and learning locally, nationally, and internationally.

Consultancy: Bespoke consultancy for education institutions, community partnerships, charities and foundations, government agencies, and the private sector.


The ICCM engages in collaborative partnerships to explore the following themes:

  • Music and Inclusivity
  • Music, Participation, and Social Justice
  • Music, Participation and Cultural Democracy
  • Music, Participation, Power, and Knowledge

Contact us

Prof. Lee Higgins

Director: International Centre for Community Music

E: l.higgins@yorksj.ac.uk

T: +44 (0)1904 876806 / +44 (0)772 4831331


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