Annual Report

Annual Report Executive Summary: November 2014 - July 2015

The ICCM started on November 1 2014. During this time the centre has begun the journey of establishing itself as a world-leader in community music research and scholarship.

Establish the Centre

ICCM held 2 launch events, 3 focus groups, formed an international advisory group, hosted 1 conference, and developed marketing and communication material.

Development of Partnerships

From invitations ICCM met 7 potential international and 6 national partners.


The ICCM interviewed and selected 2 PhD students to start in October. 1 full-time the other part-time. Hosted a YSJU student as researcher.


The ICCM agreed an external sponsorship for a PhD student worth £30k across a 5-year period, had £3.5K from Converge/NHS, and £2K catalysis funding. Collaborated on grant applications with 3 UK partner.

Organise Research Events

Ran the 1st student research community music conference attended by 40 people from 5 countries. Invited to host the 2017 Research in Music Education conference.


3 book chapters and 3 edited journal issues. Secured three book deals with OUP and Routledge.


8 invited keynotes in 6 countries and 1 conference presentation.

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