Kathryn Deane

Visiting Professor

International Centre for Community Music

Kathryn Deane ran large-scale community music projects across England in the 1980s and 90s, including Deckchair tales in Mansfield, on the subject of coalmine closures (composer Sound Sense member Pete Moser); and an Anglo-Japanese mashup Journeys in Sunderland with 5,000 participants and 50 artists (composer Sound Sense member Hugh Nankivell). She became director of Sound Sense, the UK association for community musicians, in 1995 where she represented over 1000 community musicians UK-wide, and which she ran until her retirement in late 2016.

At Sound Sense she carried out advocacy work across government including contributions to the Music Manifesto report Making every child’s music matter; as co-architect of the concept of music education hubs, the England-wide system of instrumental tuition provision in and out of schools; and as deputy-chair of the Music Manifesto Partnership and Advocacy group.

Contributions to diversity and inclusivity included the National Singing Programme for primary age children, Sing Up,  where she was consultant to its Beyond the mainstream programme. Research and evaluation work included The power of equality (on inclusive music practice, for Youth Music); Move on up (music mentoring); The heroes inside (community choirs); and A choir in every care home (Baring Foundation).

She has had particular interests in professional development of community musicians: she co-devised the Code of Practice for music practitioners; and contributed to devising the National Occupational Standards for community arts; and the accredited certificate for music educators.

She was an executive committee member for many years, and latterly officer, of the Music Education Council – the UK umbrella organisation for the strategic development of music education in its widest form – where  she led its Music Education for All action group. More recently, she led the development of a similar third-tier umbrella body: ArtWorks Alliance for the development of participatory arts in any artform, which she now leads as consultant director.

She is a visiting lecturer at conservatoires and universities in the UK and USA; and has spoken at many conferences in the UK and Europe on community music. In 2016 she co-hosted the largest-ever International Society for Music Education’s community music commission seminar in Edinburgh, preceding the world conference in Glasgow. She was an adviser to The Sage Gateshead/Sunderland University degree course in community music; and she has been a contributor to an AHRC research network.

She was editor of Sounding Board, the UK journal of community music, for some 84 issues and over a million words. She is currently co-editor of CMA XV: Proceedings from the International Society for Music Education (ISME) 2016 Seminar of the Commission for Community Music Activity. Textbooks include co-editor of Music and the power of partnerships (NAME). contributions to Reaching out: music education with hard to reach children and young people (Music Mark); Musical pathways (National Association of Music Educators); Community music today (Rowman and Littlefield);.and the Oxford handbook of community music (OUP); and she is an editorial board member of the International journal of community music.


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