How do I Log on?

If you have a Student or Visitor account you will be able to log on to any of the open access PCs in Fountains Learning Centre, Holgate and Temple Foyer. You will also be able to access the wireless network by connecting your own equipment or connect your laptop to a wired network point in certain locations in Fountains Learning Centre. You will not be able to log on to a Staff PC on more than one occasion

The first time you use your account you must change your password by using the change password service.

If you want to connect to the wired or wireless network in one of our student residences you must first change your password from a fixed PC in one of our open access areas in order to access the online change password service.

If you have a staff account you will be able to log into any of the PCs on campus although please be aware that you will not have access to all of the resources available on the PC in your office.


Logging on to our systems from home

Some of the University ICT systems (such as the VLE and Email) can be accessed remotely if you have a username and password. However - before you can do so you need to change your password from the one that's initially issued to you. If you log on to any of the computers on the main campus you will be asked to change your password as part of the login process. If you wish to access the systems remotely before accessing them at University you can change your password remotely using the change password service .

If you only ever log onto our systems remotely you will not be prompted to change your password when it is due to expire. In order to avoid your account expiring it is good practice to change your password every 90 days or so. Once your account has expired we are only able to provide a new password by issuing this to HR who will then post this on to you.

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