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Problems Logging In

Your standard YSJ account's username and password are used with most of the systems you'll access at York St John University.

Office 365 and eduroam WiFi* ask for your full YSJ email address (, though your password is still your usual YSJ password.

*Recently updated your YSJ password? You'll need to update your eduroam connection with your new password on all your connected devices. You can contact us for help on how to do this.

See below for systems which use their own passwords and/or usernames. If you're having trouble with a system not listed here, you may need to reset your usual YSJ IT account password.



  • Accommodation – If you're applying for or are a resident of York St John University accommodation, your accommodation account is separate to your usual YSJ IT account. Manage your accommodation password here.
  • Applicant Portal – If you're currently applying to study at York St John University, you won't yet have a full YSJ IT account. You can manage your applicant account's password here.
  • eduroam WiFi – eduroam asks for your full YSJ email address (, though your password is still your usual YSJ password.
  • Library accountYour Library account requires you to log in using your individual Borrower Number (the same number as appears on your ID card) and your individual four-digit PIN, which the user sets independently. PINs can be reset from the Library account landing page.

    Having trouble accessing electronic items, such as ebooks or ejournals? Make sure you're accessing the resource via an official channel, such as our Specialist Subject Resources page – this way, you'll be correctly authenticated as a valid York St John University user with your usual YSJ account details.
  • Office 365Office 365 asks for your full YSJ email address (, though your password is still your usual YSJ password.
  • Print Payments – The Print Payments system uses an independently-set password. Passwords can be reset by contacting the Pcounter WebPay team.
  • TerminalFour CMS Editor (staff only) – TerminalFour uses an independently-set password. Passwords can be reset from the TerminalFour landing page.
  • WPM Online Store admin (staff only) – WPM Online Store administration uses an independently-set password. Passwords can be reset from the WPM Online Store "My Account" page.

Password Tips & Requirements

YSJ Password Requirements

To ensure a degree of security, your usual YSJ password must meet a few basic requirements. (See Tips For a Strong Password below for tips on making a truly strong password!). Your YSJ password must:

Be at least eight characters in length
Contain at least one lowercase letter
Contain at least one uppercase letter
Contain at least one numerical (0-9) character
Not contain your username or real name
Not contain punctuation marks (full stops, dashes, currency symbols, etc)
Not be too similar to your previous YSJ password(s)

Tips For a Strong Password

It's easy to say that a strong password should be memorable, random, and unrelated to any personal information that could be easily found out (such as a pet's name) – it can seem difficult to actually come up with one.

However, among the many ways there are of choosing a strong password, a passphrase can be the basis of a password that's memorable and difficult to guess.

The trick is to be truly random - "cat in the hat" is a well-known, easily-guessable phrase that should be avoided.


How about this? This password seems totally random. No dictionary words, numbers not predictably at the start or end, no guessable personal details… How is it memorable?

The trick is to use passphrases as mnemonics. So for instance, "Giant crabs can nip your ten toes whilst swimming" becomes Gccny10tws. All manner of passphrases can be used to create a mnemonic, so feel free to get creative!

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