ORCID frequently asked questions

ORCID provides an identifier for individuals to use with their name as they engage in research, scholarship, and innovation activities.

We have gathered together some frequently asked questions on ORCID for researchers at York St John below. However, if you have any further questions please contact academicliaisonteam@yorksj.ac.uk

Why get an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD ensures that you get credit for all your work and makes it easy for others to find your research.

You can take an ORCID iD with you to different institutions. An ORCID iD stays the same throughout your career.

An ORCID iD is required for some grant applications, journals and publishers.

When you have an ORCID iD it is far easier to keep track of and report on your work.


How do I get an ORCID iD and where do I use it?

At present every York St John researcher can self-register at orcid.org for free.

Once you have an ORCID iD, you should add it to your RaY profile. You should also include it on grant applications or when submitting an article for publication (where a funder of publisher has integrated with the ORCID registry). You can also add it to your CV or website profile.

What does an ORCID iD look like?

Your ORCID iD is a 16 digit number. You should not shorten the number by removing zeroes as the full number is always required. 

The number is part of a resolvable internet address with the structure: https://orcid.org/0000-000x-xxxx-xxxx. Your ORCID iD is visible to everyone and is diplayed on your ORCID record below your name. 

You can choose privacy settings for all other information on your ORCID record. Please see visibility settings information on the ORCID site to find out more.

I already have an ORCID iD, what should I do?

If you have already joined ORCID, please make sure you have added it to your RaY profile. You should also add your York St John email address to your ORCID profile.

What do I do if I leave York St John?

Your ORCID iD is uniquely linked to you and not any institution. You take your ORCID with you. You may need to update any email addresses you have on your ORCID profile after you move.

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