US students

Federal loans are available for US students on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at York St John University, allowing you to can apply for federal funding.

For more detailed information on the US loan system and how to apply please see the Funding for American Students.


EU students

How can I get help to fund my undergraduate studies?

EU students can access a Tuition Fee Loan on a similar basis as UK students to cover the cost of their tuition fees.

Depending upon your household income, you may also be eligible for a variety of support from York St John University, such as scholarships, bursaries and sponsorship.



Tuition Fee Loan

You will not be required to pay the tuition fee at the time you study. Instead, you can get a loan to cover the cost of your tuition fee which you only start to pay back after you graduate, and we expect that this will be at a rate of 9% of annual earnings above £25,725, also raising with inflation. The Tuition Fee Loan is paid direct to the University.


Repayment due to graduate earnings 

Salary Amount of salary from which 9% will be deducted Monthly Repayment
<£25,725 £0 £0
£27,000 £1,275 £4
£30,000 £4,275 £32
£40,000 £14,275 £107
£50,000 £24,275 £185
£60,000 £34,275 £257


How often and how do I apply for funding?

EU students have to apply to the UK government every academic year via a paper copy application. You can get the application form plus additional information including factsheets from GOV.UK

If you have any queries regarding your eligibility or the application process, please contact the Student Finance Services non-UK Team on +44 141 243 3600.

Please note EU students cannot use the Student Finance online account service. Although students can access the online account service, any changes made online will NOT be reflected within the student finance systems. EU students must call the Student Finance Services non-UK Team if they want to make changes to their application.

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