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How to use referencing and citation skills in your university work.

It might sound difficult or even scary, but you must use referencing and citation in your university work.

If you don't, this is called 'plagiarism' (using someone else's words or ideas without saying whose words/ideas you have used) and is not allowed.

The good news is referencing and citation follow a system. You just need to get information on which system your module uses. Different modules and courses might use different systems. Then, you just follow the instructions.

How to reference

First, check the information you have been given about your modules. Find out which referencing system they need you to use. If you're not sure, ask your module tutor or subject librarian at the start of your course. They'll be happy to help you.

Then go to this referencing guide page and follow the instructions. Remember, if you're not sure, ask your subject librarian ('Academic Liaison Librarian').

Remember to:

  • Make a note of your sources while you are reading, so you can easily reference them.
  • Read the helpful information in the sections on the Academic Integrity module in Moodle - it can help you a lot.
  • Never buy or copy an essay. It is not allowed and may lead to serious consequences.

It might take a lot of time and checking at first, and might even feel frustrating, but you will get better and more confident with practice. And imagine how you would feel if someone wrote your ideas or words in an assignment and didn't reference you!

The university offers many resources to help you avoid plagiarism and you should ask if you need help. Please don't worry if referencing seems difficult - ask for advice!


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