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Study skills and language resources


How to improve your English language writing skills.

Knowing your subject is not enough to pass your University examinations.

You need to write clear, well-organised and well-argued essays, in the correct academic style.

How to improve your writing skills

Do not panic and do not give up!

Ask for help from your tutor, email us at or visit the Study Skills pages.

Reading will help with your writing. If you need to write essays, read essays. Ask your tutor for some examples. 

Writing essays and assignments

This is one of the skills you are at university to learn. Firstly, you need to fully understand the topic and the objective of your assignment. Read the assignment task (and its Marking Criteria) very thoroughly. Then read it again. If you're still not completely sure, ask your tutor.

These resources may be helpful for you:

It is very important that you feel comfortable talking to your tutor. They are there to support you.

You can also write a paragraph, on any topic, and send it for feedback to

Please note, we are not allowed to correct your language for assignments but we can give you some general feedback.

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