Business English

Business English is English for finding and doing a job and working successfully with English as a global business language. There are some excellent resources to help you learn the language you need.
Business in the news and media
Business vocabulary and grammar books
Learning English for Business - websites & business language books
  • 'Presentations in English' by Erica J Williams (Macmillan Education 2008).
  • BBC Learning English: 'Talking Business' includes language for presentations, meetings, negotiations and telephoning.
  • BBC Learning English: 'Get That Job' focuses on job-hunting, CVs and interviews.
  • BBC Learning English also has language for the workplace and 'The Handy Guide' - a series of short talks about the ideas of business experts.
  • The British Council 'Business English' pages have excellent resources on business, job-hunting and language to use at work.
  • The Oxford University Press website has interactive exercises at Elementary and Pre-Intermediate level for Business English learners at
  • 'Email English' by Paul Emmerson - an excellent, clear, language guide (Macmillan Education, 2013).
  • 'Fifty ways to improve your Telephoning and Teleconferencing Skills' by Ken Taylor (Orient Black Swan, 2011).
  • 'Telephone English' by John Hughes (Macmillan Education 2006).
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