Why and how do I need to practise English grammar?
  • Grammar is your 'tool kit'. With it, you can construct sentences and communicate your exact meaning. You can make the language work for you and make your speaking and writing more interesting and effective.
  • It isn't impossible. Start with the good basics (the foundations to build your language progress on). Add to these step by step, a little at a time.
  • Listen to, and read English, to become more aware of grammar.
  • Use the books and links on this website, and any other resources your tutor gives you.
  • Ask questions when you need help. 
  • Don't be impatient or unrealistic. You can't learn everything immediately. If you want to improve your grammar, focus on the mistakes you often make - are they similar? Focus on solving this problem first.
  • Look for help online, email or, if you are on an English language course, ask your tutor.
Which grammar resources are there for my level?
All grammar levels:
Basic (Beginner level) grammar: 
Pre-Intermediate grammar: 
  • Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (Cambridge University Press - various editions are available)
  • University of Victoria, Canada.
  • For clearer sentences, look at English Club and our own YSJ document.   
  • Macmillan English Grammar in Context: Essential (Oxford: Macmillan, 2008)
Intermediate grammar:
Upper Intermediate and Advanced grammar: 
  • University of Victoria, Canada
  • English Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy (Cambridge University Press - various editions are available); there is also an app version.
  • Macmillan English Grammar in Context: Advanced (Oxford: Macmillan, 2008)


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