IELTS is the official examination for entry to many institutions. It tests English at all levels, with writing, speaking, reading and listening assessments. 
It is important to study for your IELTS examinations and to practise these tests before your final examinations. However, practise and study without advice and guidance may not help you as much as you expect, and you may repeat the same mistakes, so it is highly recommended that you look at some good websites and ask for help when you need it.
Visit the official IELTS website
  • Find out about each part of the test, in the 'What is IELTS?' and 'About the test' sections.
  • In the 'About the test' section menu, look at 'Sample test questions' to practise some types of IELTS questions.
  • The 'About the test' section also includes information about how the test is scored and what is necessary to achieve a high score. Select 'How IELTS is scored' from the menu, and scroll down to 'IELTS assessment criteria.'
  • The 'Book a test' section will tell you how to prepare for your IELTS test, with practice questions.
Practice and help is available at:
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