Mixed Skills Practice

You can improve your reading by listening - and improve your listening by reading. You can build up your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation at the same time.

Do you find it's often hard to understand the news on TV?

You can understand much more this way:

  1. Choose which news you will watch (e.g. BBC News at 10pm or 6pm or Channel 4 at 7pm).
  2. First, go to the same company's news website (in this case, the BBC's).
  3. Look at the main stories. Decide which ones interest you.
  4. Use the website to learn about them.
  5. Check the meaning of unknown words if they seem to be very important (if you see the same word many times).
  6. Watch the video report. Listen two or three times to difficult parts (if you are interested).
  7. Watch the news programme on TV. You will understand more!



  • You can do something similar with graded readers (read and listen to the whole book). These are special study books we keep in the Language Support Centre (Holgate 137). You can borrow them. You can read first, then listen; or listen first, then read; or do both at the same time.
  • Channel 4 TV also has a good news service. Their main TV news is at 7pm and you can also visit their news website.
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