Other Online Listening Media

One of the best places to find listening practice is on the BBC's website for English learners. Usually they have a script, so you can listen and read.

Some interesting programmes are:

  • Words in the News
  • 6-Minute English
  • Talk About English
  • Talking Sport
  • Express English
  • The English Language Listening Library Online has lots of short listening practice conversations with a wide variety of accents. There are scripts for each conversation.
  • CNN has a service for (native speaker) students - a daily 10-minute news programme with a full transcript.
  • The TED website offers a fascinating range of online lectures, some are more academic, but many are not, Short, stimulating talks.
  • Euronews offers online video reports on a wide range of news stories.
  • The BBC Video Nation features ordinary people from all over the UK talking about their lives. You can learn a lot about the variety of cultures in Britain, and practise listening to a range of accents.
  • BBC Radio 4 A wide range of drama, news, documentary, discussion programmes, etc. The website has the facility to listen again to a huge range of programmes.
  • Just one of the many Radio 4 programmes is The Listening Project - a series of short, fascinating conversations between family members about the most important aspects of their lives.
  • The BBC Science Explorer is a collection of fascinating radio programmes about science, featuring documentaries, discussions and interviews with important scientists. Click the link and, if you don't see many programmes, click the tab for "View as a list", near the bottom of the page, on the left-hand side.
  • The BBC Radio 5 Live website also has a lot of interesting programmes, mostly about sport and news. You can listen again to a lot of programmes – click here listen again to a huge range of programmes.
  • The Guardian online newspaper has a large collection of news-related audio files. You can read background information before listening (or watching) the audio and video files. There are podcasts at this same page.
  • BBC China: Ask about Britain This five-minute bilingual programme is designed for Mandarin Chinese learners of English, but will be useful for other nationalities. Each week it answers learners’ questions about life in the UK. Episodes cover topics such as good manners, university, racial diversity and RP English. Also available as a podcast.
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