Understanding General Meaning

How can you get better at this?

  • Conversation
  • Private practice

To practise this alone, a good exercise is to use a recording.

  1. Choose a recording at the right level - not too hard! It's very helpful if there is a script, so you can read as well as listen.
  2. Listen and make notes about the main points only. Try not to stop the recording.
  3. Listen again and check your notes: have you got all the main points? Are some of the points you've written really details, not main points?
  4. Now read the transcript for a final check. 


What materials can you use for this?

  • The Six-Minute English series on the BBC website is a good source.
  • The English Lesson Listening Library Online is another good source of short recordings.
  • For other sources, including more academic ones, go back to the main Listening page and look for materials.


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