People who can help with writing

If you have a weekly Academic English workshop on your Timetable, you can get this help from your tutor in that class. This is the best place to start and it's a regular chance to ask questions. (And the best time to get help is often long before you start writing, not at the last minute.) For extra help, email or It usually takes a week or two to get an appointment, so please book early.

Please remember, we cannot check your assignments before you hand them in: this is against the university's rules. However, we can (a) check work which we have given you and (b) check work which your tutor has already assessed (please show us the assessment from your tutor). 

Help from your Module Tutor

  • Your Module Tutor will give you an Assignment Brief. Study this as soon as they give it to you.
  • There will be more information in the Module Handbook (on Moodle), so check this too.
  • After this, talk to your tutor if you still have a question about the content. Usually there is a seminar in the module when you have the chance to ask questions. You can email them too.  

The university's Study Development service have a programme of workshops which you can book by contacting the Student Advice Team in Holgate (01904 876477). They also offer 1:1 appointments but there is usually a waiting list.

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