Language Support

In Sessional Support

We provide help for international students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across the university. If you would like us to provide this help for you and your classmates, please contact us at 



One-to-one appointments

Please contact to book a 1:1 appointment. These appointments are available Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons.


Looking for a chance to practise conversation and make friends?

See the links on our Speaking page for opportunities.


English Study Materials

There are materials to help you at Language Development materials online. 

There is also a collection of useful books for English language study in Fountains Learning Centre. 

The main sections to look at are on the First Floor:




Materials for learning English as a Foreign Language



Study skills (how to study better; how to write essays, reports, etc.)
378 Higher Education (University Life and Studies)

Graded readers to help improve your reading skills are on the second floor next to FT216. These books are all at different levels. Choose the one which feels not too difficult. Reading will improve your vocabulary, your grammar and your writing.

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