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What is the Students’ Union and where can I find out more?

In UK universities, the Students’ Union is a space dedicated to social events, student societies, sports groups, academic support, and student representation. You can go to the Students’ Union to connect with the Student Sabbatical Officers, learn more about the Well U programme, or join clubs and societies.

For more information please see the Students’ Union website.

How do I find out about joining a sports team or society?

YSJ has a large and varied number of sport and society teams to join. There is something for everyone!

Go to the Students’ Union or visit their website to learn more.

York St John Students' Union sports.

York St John Students' Union societies.

What is the Well U Social Sport programme and how do I get involved?

The Well U Social Sport programme offers low-cost casual sports activities between York St John students.  The Well U Social Sport programme does not require as much regular commitment as a traditional sports team and you can decide to join a team at any time.  

For more information, a list of the full range of sports available, and their practice time, please visit the Well U webpage on the Students' Union website.

How do I find short-stay accommodation for friends and family who are visiting?

You can find many affordable options for short-stay accommodation in York, including hostels, hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and self-catered accommodation. There are plenty of options on Airbnb though these tend to get booked up quickly.  For more information or to book a stay, visit the Visit York - Book Your Stay webpages.

How can I stay in contact with friends and family?


You will get a free SIM card in your welcome pack which already has some credit on to use. This is to let your family know you have arrived safely. 

In the UK we have two different options when it comes to phone plans. Pay as you go involves buying a SIM and paying for as much as you use. A Contract involves signing up for 12-24 months and paying a monthly charge.



You will have internet access on campus through your log in details ( This is a good way to stay in contact through many apps, such as skype and whatsapp. These apps use the internet to message and you can also do video calls. 



The post office is on Lendal bridge in the City centre. Visit here to send international post. If you are sending a letter within the UK you will need a stamp, and then you can post it through a letterbox such as the one near the Holgate reception. 


In and Around York

Where can I find local news?

There are a variety of local news outlets, including radio, television, websites and smart phone apps. The BBC is a good source of news for the local area and can be found on BBC online.

How do I find out about events happening in York?

York is always a popular city for events and festivals.  For a calendar of events, see the What’s On York webpages or discover things to see and do on the Visit York website.

What is the weather like in York?

Weather in the UK is famously difficult to predict as it is always changing. Please see our weather and climate pages for more information.

Be sure to read up on what clothing you need to bring with you or be prepared to buy. For the most up to date weather forecast, see the York BBC Weather.

Where do I buy essentials in York?

As York St John University is located in the heart of York, shopping for essentials is simple and convenient. Please see our pages on Shopping & Food for more information.

How do I get a copy of the York Visitor Guide?

The York Visitor Guide is useful for helping you find your way around the city, events, attractions, and information on shopping. You can find a Mini Guide, Full Visitor Guide, and Chinese Visitor Guide on the Visit York webpages or look for the Visit York Mini Guide in your International Welcome Pack.

Where can I go shopping in York?

York has many unique and specialist shops. From large department stores to discount stores and outdoor markets, you should be able to find almost everything you need in York. For more information on shopping.

Visit York Shopping Guide.


I need help finding a building on campus

You can always come to the Student Information Desk in the Holgate Building if you need help finding a building on campus. You can view a PDF of York St John's specific information about campus buildings.

Where can I eat, get snacks, or have a drink on campus?

We have several catering facilities on campus, including City Social, Coffee Social, The Wedge, Natural, and more.

Opening times and locations.



Taxis tend to only accept cash payments, so make sure you have British currency with you. Many also offer a student discount of around 10%.

Streamline 01904 638833

Ebor cars 01904 641641

659 Taxis 01904 659659


York is a very cycle friendly city with many cycle routes. Make sure you buy a good bike, a helmet, lights and a strong lock. Find out about cycling guidelines in the UK.



York St John University is very close to the city centre, so taking a bus to the centre is unlikely. However, buses run to other areas of York by the FIRST group, and their website gives details of locations and fares.



All major UK cities are accessible via train. For more information, visit the national rail website. Trains can be expensive in the UK compared to what you’re used to, so think about getting a railcard. These normally cost £30, yet give you a discount when you travel. Sometimes you can save up to £30 on one journey!



Uber is now available in York! This can sometimes be cheaper than a taxi and is a reliable option for travel. You'll need to download the app and make sure that you have an internet connection to be able to use it.


How can I get help with my English?

There is English language support for students. You can work on your reading, writing and receive academic support. Email a language support tutor at, and visit the Language Development page for more information. 

I need help with my academic work

The study development team offer support with assignment planning, academic writing and how to find errors in your work. 

Go to the Student Information Desk in Holgate to book an appointment.

Where can I study?

The information learning services are in the library, and there are plenty of study spaces for you to do your work. There are silent spaces as well as areas for group work.

If you need any IT help, visit their desk and someone will help you with your query.

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