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Which programmes can I study at Kobe Shoin Women's University?

Japanese & Intercultural Communication BA (Hons) (2nd year of 3 year degree) 
Japanese & TESOL BA (Hons) (2nd year of 3 year degree) 
Japanese, English Language & Linguistics BA (Hons) (3rd year of 4 year degree)
Japanese, Intercultural & Contemporary Communication BA (Hons) (3rd year of 4 year degree)
Japanese, TESOL & Linguistics BA (Hons) (3rd year of 4 year degree)


Academic Information

Number of credits required: 12-16 Japanese credits per semester; 24-32 Japanese credits per year

Academic Calendar

Semester 1 Late September to early February (approximate dates)

Semester 2 Early April to end of July (approximate dates)


Accommodation 2017/18 

All exchange students are to live in the designated dormitory (single study bedroom w/bathroom, kitchen and washing machine): 30,000 yen per month + utility bills.


Please ensure you have an up to date passport that expires no earlier than six months after you intend to return. You will be provided with guidance and documentation from the partner university but it will be your responsibility to obtain the correct visa. Neither the Study Abroad team here or at the partner university are qualified to offer consultations or detailed advice regarding visa applications. Immigration laws are complex and subject to frequent changes. So if you do have any visa-related questions you will need to contact the appropriate Embassy directly.



Students are required to enrol in the Japanese National Insurance System which costs approximately ¥1800 a month.


More Information

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