The State University of New York

Potsdam, USA

Which programmes can I study at SUNY Potsdam and when?

Drama & Dance BA:
2nd Year Semester 1

Graphic Design BA
2nd Year Semester 2

Fine Art BA
2nd Year Semester 1 
2nd Year Semester 2

Music BA/ Music Composition BA/ Music: Education & Community BA/ Music: Performance BA
2nd Year Semester 1

Sociology BA
2nd Year Semester 1

Criminology BA
2nd Year Semester 1


Academic Information

Number of credits required: 12-15 credits per semester; 24-30 credits per year

Please see the module catalogue for SUNY Potsdam or infomation on registering for courses 


Academic Calendar 19/20

Semester 1: Late August until Mid December (approximate dates)

Semester 2 Late January until Late May (approximate dates)

More detailed term dates


Accommodation (shared-room) abroad 2020/21

£1550 (Semester 1 - Payable in October to YSJ)
£1550 (Semester 2 - Payable in January to YSJ)
£3100 approx. (Year Abroad: 1/3 payment due Oct; 1/3 payment due Jan; 1/3 payment due Apr/May to YSJ)

Detailed infomation on housing 


Meal-plan abroad 2019/20

$2000 - $2815 per semester depending on plan (payable to SUNY Potsdam).

Detailed infomation 


Accommodation in York (Semester exchange)

York St John University accommodation is guaranteed for the semester you are not abroad.



Please ensure you have an up to date passport that expires no earlier than six months after you intend to return. You will be provided with guidance and documentation from the partner university but it will be your responsibility to obtain the correct visa. Neither the Study Abroad team here or at the partner university are qualified to offer consultations or detailed advice regarding visa applications. Immigration laws are complex and subject to frequent changes. So if you do have any visa-related questions you will need to contact the appropriate Embassy directly.

Approximate cost: $340 (plus cost of travel to US Embassy in London)



Students are required to purchase SUNY's health insurance: $624.45 approx. for the fall semester (coverage dates 15 Aug – 14 Jan) and $618.45 approx. for the spring semester (coverage dates 15 Jan – 14 Jun).
Please note that if you qualify for a Travel Grant, this cost might be refunded.


Additional costs

$250 orientation fee
$200 Applied Music and Concert fee (Crane School of Music) (If applicable to your programme)


More Information

SUNY Potsdam website

Study abroad ambassador:

Jordan Byford, Criminology 

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