University of Regina

Saskatchewan, Canada

Which programmes can I study at the University of Regina and when?

Drama & Theatre BA/ Drama: Education & Community BA :
2nd Year Semester 1

Film Studies BA:
2nd Year Semester 1
2nd Year Semester 2
2nd Year Full Year

Media Production BA:
2nd Year Semester 2

Media Production: Film & Television BA:
2nd Year Semester 2


Academic Information

Number of credits required: 12-15 US credits per semester; 24-30 US credits per year

Please see the module catalogue for the University of Regina.


Academic Calendar

Semester 1 Early September until Late December (approximate dates)

Semester 2 Early January until Late April (approximate dates)

Exact term dates


Accommodation (shared-room) abroad 2020/21

£1550 (Semester 1 - Payable in October to YSJ)
£1550 (Semester 2 - Payable in January to YSJ)
£3100 approx. (Year Abroad: 1/3 payment due Oct; 1/3 payment due Jan; 1/3 payment due Apr/May to YSJ)


Meal-plan abroad 2017-18

Approximate cost: $2,400 Canadian per semester (Payable to the University of Regina)


Accommodation in York (Semester exchange)

York St John University accommodation is guaranteed for the semester you are not abroad.


Additional Costs

$500 books/materials for one semester or $1000 for a full year. Textbooks are expensive in Canada, and sometimes it might be possible for students to buy textbooks from other students. However, there will be some course materials that are specifically designed for an individual course, and generally students will need to buy these materials. 

$150 exchange activities for one semester or $300 for a full year.

$100 lab fees for some courses (such as Engineering or Media, Art, and Performance courses) for one semester. 

$500 Accommodation Security Deposit

$275 for the room internet, laundry and phone 


More Information

Visit the University of Regina website

Fact Sheet 2018/19 Regina

Study Abroad Ambassador

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