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Study Abroad destinations

University of Huelva

Huelva, Spain

The University of Huelva is within a coastal city, the university is a young dynamic institution, striving for excellence and a brilliant future for its students.

The province of Huelva is situated in the south west corner of Spain, with Portugal to the west. Seville and Cadiz are to the east, Extremadura to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Since the University gained its independence from Seville University in 1993, it has continued to grow. It has a new campus with modern facilities and installations. The University has four campuses and are all within the area of Huelva, offering the opportunity to join societies, such as music, cinema, literature, theatre and film societies. Students are encouraged to join the University orchestra and choir, competitions are also held in photography and painting throughout the year.

What you can study

CourseWhen you can study
Primary Education BA * 3rd year, Semester 1 

*Please note that a competent level of Spanish is required to study these courses at the University of Huelva. 

Academic information

Choosing your modules

You will need to gain the following credits from your modules: 

  • 27 to 30 ECTS (European) credits per semester
  • 54 to 60 ECTS per year. 

You can see module options in the University of Huelva module catalogue. 

Academic calendar

The academic year is split into 2 semesters: 

  • Semester 1: Late September until Mid February
  • Semester 2: Mid February until Early July 

Visit the University of Huelva University website for a full list of academic dates. 


Accommodation abroad

There is a range of accommodation available to study abroad students at the University of Huelva. 

For more information, please see the Accommodation section on the university website.

Accommodation in York

If you study abroad for 1 semester, you are guaranteed university accommodation for the semester you are in York.

Funding and visas


Students will receive a minimum grant of £750 from either Erasmus+, Turing, or the YSJ Bursary.

To find out more information, please visit our Funding page.


Please make sure you have an up to date passport that expires no earlier than 6 months after you intend to return.

You will be provided with guidance and documentation from the partner University, but it will be your responsibility to obtain the correct visa. Neither the Study Abroad team here or at the partner university are qualified to offer consultations or detailed advice regarding visa applications. Immigration laws are complex and subject to frequent changes.

If you do have any visa-related questions you will need to contact the appropriate Embassy directly. 

Visit the University of Huelva website for pre-arrival information.  

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