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Studying abroad as part of your degree

Broaden your experience and build your confidence with our fantastic programme

If you are completing an undergraduate degree with us, study abroad is a great opportunity to spend a semester, or year in a different country as part of your course. There are lots of benefits to doing this, it won’t add extra time to your degree, and you don’t pay tuition fees to your host institution.

Why choose study abroad?


Graduates who have studied abroad are 10% more likely to be in graduate jobs

Earning potential

Graduates who have studied abroad earn 7% more on average than those who haven’t


YSJU students who study abroad are 10% more likely to gain a first or 2:1 degree


You will make friends from across the world.


Exposure to different cultures, teaching methods and experiences will give you a wider set of skills.

What you need to know

You can study abroad in a variety of different countries, depending on your course.  The study abroad element usually happens in your second year, but this will depend on where you are going.  Most students go for one semester, but some courses offer a full year.  Whichever option you choose your study whilst away counts towards your degree, so you won’t add extra time to your course.

Your application will be assessed using your academic marks and your personal statement. Your School will need to give their approval. Places are limited.  Once you have been assessed you will also need to apply to your host university, deadlines for each institution vary.  Help will be available once you have been accepted.  You will also be advised about whether you need a Visa if you are studying outside of the European Union (or Norway).

Where can I study?

Where you can go will depend on your course.


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