Frequently Asked Questions for London Campus students

General Questions

My passport/visa has been lost or stolen, what do I do?

You will first need to report the loss or theft to the Police as you will need a crime reference number when replacing your visa. For passports, you will need to contact the Embassy of your home country straight away to arrange for a replacement. 

If you need a new visa or BRP card, our Advisors can assist you with reporting this to the Home Office and getting a replacement. 

You can email if this happens to you, and we can give you personal advice.

My visa will expire before graduation, can I extend it?

No. Unfortunately, Tier 4 visas cannot be extended for graduation ceremonies. You will need to return to your home country and apply for a Standard Visitor visa in order to return to the UK and attend graduation.

You will need to let Registry ( know that you intend to travel for graduation and they can issue you with a letter inviting you to attend. You and any family members who wish to attend graduation can use this letter to apply for a Standard Visitor visa.

I have applied for a visa extension in the UK, how long will it take?

There is an 8-week service standard for normal Tier 4 applications. If your application is made outside of peak times then it may only take 2-3 weeks to process, but if you applied during peak times it may take the full 8 weeks. 

If your application falls outside of the 8-week standard period, the Visa & Compliance team will follow this up with UK Visas & Immigration for you. 

I would like my family & friends to visit me while I study- what do they do?

Any family member or friends will need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa. You can request a Confirmation of Attendance letter via E-vision and family/friends can use this letter to support their visa application. The University cannot generate invitation letters for non-students.

I would like to change my course now I'm in the UK- will this affect my visa?

If the course you want to change to is the same length and same course level as your existing course (from one MA to another MA, for example) then it may not affect your visa. We may need to tell the Home Office if you've changed course, but you won't need a visa extension if the course you switch to is the same length. Please be aware that the course you switch to must have the same entry criteria- if there are additional entry criteria then you may not be able to switch without returning home and applying for a new visa.

If you are considering changing courses, you should contact your Head of Programme and also let the Visa & Compliance team know at

I think I need extra time on my course, can I extend my visa?

Visa extensions must be supported by your School in the first instance. Tier 4 students must always be full time, so visa extensions will not be granted for single resits or external resits. If you have many modules to re-take then it may be possible to extend your visa as long as your School is happy to support this. Our Advisors handle all in-UK visa extensions and will assist you with making your application.

If you want to ask about a visa extension or make an appointment to speak to an Advisor, E: 

I got a new passport, do I need to tell anyone about this?

Yes. If you renew your passport and are issued with a new one, you need to inform the University and have your new passport scanned into the student records system. Please contact to inform them about your new passport and to set a time to have this scanned in. 

If you hold a Tier 4 visa, you will also need to inform UK Visas & Immigration about your new passport details by completing the Migrant Change of Circumstances (MCC) Form

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