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Visa and Immigration - York

Police registration

Information for York Campus students about whether you need to register with the police after arriving in the UK.

Who needs to register?

Appendix 2 of the Immigration Rules states that nationals of the following countries must register with the police:

Afghanistan China Kazakhstan Palestine Turkey
Algeria Colombia Kuwait Peru Turkmenistan
Argentina Cuba Kyrgyzstan Qatar United Arab Emirates
Armenia Egypt Lebanon Russia Ukraine
Azerbaijan Georgia Libya Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
Bahrain Iran Moldova Sudan Yemen
Belarus Iraq Morocco Syria  
Bolivia Israel North Korea Tajikistan  
Brazil Jordan Oman Tunisia  

It should also say on your Entry Clearance vignette (the visa sticker in your passport) whether or not you need to register with the police.

How do I register?

  1. From 4 September 2017, students can now start the registration process online.
  2. Carefully read the information and instructions contained on the website above.
  3. The link to start the online application form is found at the bottom of the above web page.
  4. Once your Police Registration Certificate is issued, although you have now done this on line, you will still need to book an appointment and collect it from the Police Station, emailing a photo of the certificate to
  5. If you move accommodation you need to go to the Police Station with your certificate and update your address details.


If you have any questions about Police Registration or if you have a certificate to send, email

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