Getting help

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One to one training and tutorials

For students based in YSU London we can offer one to one support by phone, online webinar or email.

Sessions of up to one hour are bookable using the link below.  Please let us know the topic you wish to cover as there may be more appropriate services for some topics.  We can arrange to contact you on the phone and can often help via screen sharing technology. If there are no suitable slots then contact us via email to arrange a date and time.

Book a tutorial

Email help

We can often answer questions more quickly via email and point you in the direction of resources to help. You can contact us for help via email 

If you are looking for help at the York campus then please see our page on Getting help in person in York


Images of Ian Staite, Annette Webb, Julia Payne

Ian Staite

Works Monday - Thursday

Ian is a Microsoft Office Master 2016.


Annette Webb

Works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Annette is a Microsoft Office Master 2016


Julia Payne

Works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday

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