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Staff Profile

Dr Chris Moreh

Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology & School Research Lead

I joined York St John University as a lecturer in January 2018. I had previously been a Research Fellow at the ESRC Centre for Population Change at the University of Southampton, an institution with which I maintain my research collaboration as a Visiting Fellow. I have a PhD in Social Sciences from Northumbria University (Newcastle, 2015), an MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology from Central European University (Budapest, 2011), and a combined BA & MA in Cultural Anthropology from ELTE, University of Budapest (2010).


I currently convene the following modules:

  • Deviance (Level 4)
  • Quantitative Sociological Investigations (Level 5)

I have previously taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Southampton and Northumbria University.

University of Southampton (2017/2018):

  • Quantitative Methods 1 (Level 7)
  • Understanding Everyday Life (Level 4)

Northumbria University (2013/2014):

  • Race and Ethnicity in a Global Context (Level 5)
  • Contemporary Social Theory (Level 5)
  • Contemporary Issues in Social Science (Level 4)
  • Foundations of Social Theory (Level 4)

I am interested in supervising prospective research students with an interest in the broad area of political sociology, or more specific projects on (1) international migration and mobility, (2) the sociology of citizenship, (3) nationalism and ethnicity, (4) political discourse, or (5) urban sociology and gentrification. Projects with a geographical focus on Central-Eastern Europe or Spain may also fall in my area of expertise, as well as projects using mixed methods, ethnographic fieldwork, survey methodology or quantitative methods.

Students interested in supervision should also consult my research interests and publications.

Research Projects

My research interests and experience fall into four broad categories:

  • International migration and mobility
  • Nationalism, ethnicity and citizenship
  • Europeanisation and de-Europeanisation
  • Urban heritage and gentrification

 I am currently involved in three empirical research projects:

  1. ‘Transnational healthcare and wellbeing among Polish migrants in the UK’ (2019–2021): an ESRC-funded project on which I am a Co-Investigator together with A. Vlachantoni (Southampton) and D. McGhee (Keele). It is a mixed-methods investigation of healthcare practices across international borders. As part of the project I co-supervise the work of a Research Fellow based at the University of Southampton.
  2. ‘EU citizens in a changing Britain’ (2018–2020): a collaborative project (with McGhee, Keele University) examining changes in mobility patterns, social attitudes and citizenship experiences of EU nationals in the UK in the context of the UK’s exit from the European Union.
  3. ‘Illiberalism and changing conceptions of political community’ (2015–2020): this project has emerged from my PhD research (2011–2015) and explores the transformation of public and political conceptions of citizenship and political community in Hungary since the 2010 ‘conservative revolution’ and the implementation of the country’s 2011 extra-territorial citizenship law.

My approach to research is comparative, interdisciplinary and multimethodological. In my previous work I combined participant observation, in-depth qualitative interviewing, archival research, critical discourse analysis, survey methods and statistical modelling. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in London (2013), Granada, Spain (2011), Alcalá de Henares, Spain (2008–2009) and Budapest, Hungary (2006–2008).

Research Funding

2019–2021   ‘Transnational healthcare and wellbeing among Polish migrants in the UK’, (Co-I, with McGhee and Vlachantoni). Project funded by the ESRC as part of the Centre for Population Change Transition funding (PI Falkingham, £1,346,384), ES/R009139/1.

2018–2019    ‘Migrants' experiences of Brexit Britain: analysing qualitative textual data’, Students as Researchers Scheme, York St. John University (PI). Grant covering 95 hours of student working hours.

2016–2017    ‘The Sociology of Brexit’ research seminar series grant, The Sociological Review Foundation, £6,000 (PI, with McGhee and Pietka-Nykaza as Co-Is)


Professional Activities

 Journal editorial board membership

2019–2021     Sociology (flagship journal of the British Sociological Association)

2018–             Central and Eastern European Migration Review

Journal refereeing

Sociology; British Journal of Sociology; Sociological Research Online; Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies; Ethnicities; International Migration; Central and Eastern European Migration Review; Health & Social Care in the Community; Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe; Eastern European Politics and Societies; Szociológiai Szemle.

External grant reviewing:

  • Independent External Expert on COST Open Call Evaluations (European Cooperation in Science and Technology, EU Framework Program): experience of evaluating two proposals on COST Open Call OC-2016-1.
  • ESRC Grant Application Reviewer: Reference ES/S008411/1 (2018)

External quality assurance:

2019–2022: External Examiner for the FdA Applied Justice & Social Science programme, Year 1 and Year 2, University of Hull.

Event organisation and management:

2017:   The legacy of Brexit: mobility and citizenship in times of uncertainty. Part of the ‘Sociology of Brexit’ seminar series, funded by the Sociological Review Foundation. 31 March, University of Southampton.

2016:   The spectre of Brexit: Free movement and European citizenship in question. Part of the ‘Sociology of Brexit’ seminar series, funded by the Sociological Review Foundation. 17 June, University of Southampton.



Moreh, C. (2014) Romanians of Alcalá. Migration and Social Differentiation [Alcalái Románok. Migráció és társadalmi differenciálódás]. 259 pp. ISBN: 9789632367903. Budapest: L’Harmattan (in Hungarian)

Refereed articles and chapters (in English, since 2014):

Moreh, C. (2019) Towards an illiberal extraterritorial political community? Hungary’s ‘Simplified Naturalisation’ and its ramifications, pp. 105–142 In Feischmidt and Majtényi (eds.) The rise of populist nationalism: social resentments and capturing the constitution in Hungary. Budapest and New York: Central European University Press.

Moreh, C. (2019) Online survey design and implementation: targeted data collection on social media platforms, SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2. DOI: 10.4135/9781526479709

Moreh, C, McGhee, D. and Vlachantoni, A. (2018) The return of citizenship? An empirical assessment of legal integration in times of radical sociolegal transformation. International Migration Review, DOI: 10.1177/0197918318809924.

McGhee, D, Moreh C. and Vlachantoni A. (2018) Stakeholder Identities in Britain’s Neoliberal Ethical Community: Polish narratives of earned citizenship in the context of the UK’s EU Referendum, British Journal of Sociology, DOI: 10.1111/1468-4446.12485.

McGhee, D., Moreh, C. and Vlachantoni, A. (2017) An undeliberate determinacy? The changing migration strategies of Polish migrants in the UK in times of Brexit. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 43(13): 2109–2130.

Moreh, C. (2016) The asianization of national fantasies in Hungary: a critical analysis of political discourse, International Journal of Cultural Studies 19(3): 341–353

Moreh, C. (2016) Inhabiting heritage: living with the past in the Albayzín of Granada, Open Library of Humanities 2(1): e8, pp. 1–33.

Moreh, C. (2016) Hungarian immigrants in the United Kingdom, pp. 69–72 In Blaskó and Fazekas (eds.) The Hungarian Labour Market 2016. Budapest: Institute of Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Moreh, C. (2014) A decade of membership: Hungarian post-accession mobility to the United Kingdom, Central and Eastern European Migration Review 3 (2): 79–104

Moreh, C. (2014) Prestige and status in the migration process: the case of social differentiation in a Romanian ‘community’ in Spain, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 40 (11): 1758–1778

Recent publications in other languages:

Moreh, C. et al. (2019) Raport privind potențialul de implicare al diasporei în comunitățile din Țara Făgărașului [Report on the potential of diaspora implication in communities in Țara Făgărașului]. Făgăraș: Făgăraș Research Institute. ISBN: 978-606-94773-0-4 (in Romanian)

Moreh, C. (2017) Az Egyesült Királyságba irányuló magyarországi elvándorlás a magyar és a brit migrációs rendszerek átalakulásának tükrében [Migration from Hungary to the United Kingdom from the perspective of the transformation of the Hungarian and British migration systems], Ügyészségi Szemle 2(3): 86–101 (in Hungarian).

Moreh, C. (2016) Magyar bevándorlók az Egyesült Királyságban [Hungarian migrants in the United Kingdom], pp. 68–71 In Blaskó and Fazekas (eds.) Munkaerőpiaci Tükör 2015. Budapest: MTA Közgazdaság- és Regionális Tudományi Kutatóközpont, KTI (in Hungarian).

Moreh, C. (2014) Magyar bevándorlók az Egyesült Királyságban: demográfiai, földrajzi és szociológiai körkép [Hungarian migrants in the United Kingdom: demographic, geographic and sociological aspects], Demográfia 57 (4): 137–172 (in Hungarian).

Policy papers and public dissemination:

Moreh, C. (2019, 2 December) İngiltere’de Göçün Değişen Yüzü [The Changing Face of Migration in England], Perspektif, (in Turkish).

Moreh, C. and Marks, S. (2019, 11 October) Polish migrants’ experiences of Brexit: anticipating new social divides. With CPC Policy Briefing 48, ESRC Centre for Population Change.

Moreh, C. (2019, 10 June) Residency, settlement or citizenship? The choice for EU nationals in the UK before and after Brexit, LSE Brexit Blog.

Moreh, C., Vlachantoni, A. and McGhee, D. (2019, 21 March) Britain’s NHS is not that great, say EU migrants, The Conversation, 21 March.

Moreh, C., McGhee, D. and Vlachantoni, A. (2018) EU migrants’ attitudes to UK healthcare. CPC Policy Briefing 41, ESRC Centre for Population Change.

Moreh, C., McGhee, D. and Vlachantoni, A. (2016) Should I stay or should I go? Strategies of EU citizens living in the UK in the context of the EU referendum. CPC Policy Briefing 35, ESRC Centre for Population Change. 

Moreh, C. (2016, 29 July) Sociological Questions through the Spectre of Brexit, The Sociological Review Blog.

Moreh, C. (2015, 30 June) The Discursive Asianization of Hungary, Antenna Blog. Invited post.

Media presence and impact:

Beke, K. (2017, 3 November) Meglepő vélemény: épp a magyar kivándorlók lehetnek a Brexit nagy vesztesei [A surprising assessment: Hungarian emigrants may be the main casualties of Brexit],, Interviewed (Hungarian).

Rouch, A.F. (2017, 7 February) UK's Kent highlights Brexit division, Deutsche Welle, Interviewed.

N.A. (2016, 27 July) Ugyanott dolgozik a lengyel és a magyar Angliában? [Do Poles and Hungarians do the same jobs in England?], Published findings reported (in Hungarian).


Book reviews:

Moreh, C. (2017) Asylum after Empire: Colonial Legacies in the Politics of Asylum Seeking, by Lucy Mayblin. Book review, LSE Review of Books.

Moreh, C. (2017) Why the UK Voted for Brexit: David Cameron's Great Miscalculation, by Andrew Glencross. Book review, LSE Review of Books.

Moreh, C. (2017) Reconstructing Karl Polanyi, by Gareth Dale. Book review, LSE Review of Books.

Moreh, C. (2016) Karl Polanyi: a life on the left, by Gareth Dale. Book review, LSE Review of Books.

Moreh, C. (2016) High Mobility in Europe: Work and Personal Life, edited by G. Viry and V. Kaufmann. Book review, Journal of Common Market Studies 54 (6): 1517–1518.

Moreh, C. (2016) Migration and Freedom, by B. K. Blitz. Book review, Central and Eastern European Migration Review 5 (2): 194–196.

Moreh, C. (2016) Citizenship, by É. Balibar. Book review, LSE Review of Books.

Moreh, C. (2015) Divided nations and European integration, edited by T. J. Mabry et al. Book review, Insight Turkey 17 (3): 234–236.

Moreh, C. (2015) Ambiguous citizenship in an age of global migration, by A. Ní Mhurchú. Book review, Sociology 50 (2): 423–425.

Moreh, C. (2015) Speaking of Europe, edited by K. Fløttum. Book review, Critical Discourse Studies 12 (3): 366–369.

Moreh, C. (2014) Multilevel citizenship, edited by W. Maas. Book review, Nations and Nationalism 20 (4): 828–829.

Invited Talks and Conference Papers

Invited presentations

2019    ‘From post-socialist to post-accession pioneering: thirty years of change in the Romanian international migration system’, at the workshop on Migration in the Balkan region, before and after the EU, organised by The Kosovo Institute for Economic Development-Ekonomiks, 10–12 October, Tirana, Albania.

2017 -  ‘Between “values” and “rights”: EU migrants negotiating citizenship and belonging in the context of Brexit’. Workshop on ‘Brexit and the Pandora’s Box of EU Citizenship’, University of Copenhagen, 11–12 December.

2017 - ‘A return to “settlement”? Estimating the effect of Brexit on the future migration plans of EU nationals living in the UK’. Workshop on ‘Exploring intra EU mobilities at times of Crisis’, St Antony's College, University of Oxford, 20 June.

2017 - ‘The Romanian British experience: assessing open borders and its failures’. Workshop on Romanian migration, University College London, 28 April.

2017 - ‘The characteristics of Hungarian migration to the United Kingdom from the perspectives of Hungarian emigration and UK immigration’ (in Hungarian), Hungarian National Institute of Criminology, Budapest, 26 April.

2016 - ‘Brexit: EU nationals in the UK after the referendum’, Public roundtable, Kingston University London, Kingston upon Thames, 13 December.

2016 - ‘Attitudes and responses of Polish citizens living in the UK to the EU referendum’, Public Roundtable ‘Still Home Abroad? Polish Migration to Scotland after Brexit’, Aberdeen Science Centre, 9 November.

2016 - ‘The Hungarian Far Right and its Eurasian prospects’. Roundtable discussion at the School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, UCL, 24 February.

2011 - ‘Romanians of Alcalá. Migration and Social Differentiation’ (in Hungarian), 13 September, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ethnology, Budapest.

Conference Papers

2019 - ‘The 'Brexit' effect on the life satisfaction of Poles in the UK’, Council for European Studies Annual conference 2019, 20–22 June, Madrid

2019 - ‘Uncertain belonging: EU migrant lives since the Brexit vote’ (Paper 1) and ‘The 'Brexit' effect on the life satisfaction of EU migrants in the UK’ (Paper 2), BSA Annual conference 2019, 24­–26 April, Glasgow

2018 - ‘Renationalised belonging? The effect of Brexit on EU immigrants' attitudes to British citizenship’, 45th Annual Conference of the British Society for Population Studies, 11 September, University of Winchester.

2018 - ‘A Return to "Settlement?" The Effect of Brexit on the Civic Integration of EU Migrants in the UK’, 59th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, 5 April, San Francisco, USA.

2017 - ‘EU Migrants and the micro-politics of Brexit: Opinion- and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times’, 67th Annual International Conference of the Political Studies Association, 10–12 April, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

2017 - ‘Undeliberate determinacy? Estimating the ‘effect’ of Brexit on the migration strategies of Poles in the UK’, British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2017, 5 April, University of Manchester.

2016 - ‘De-Europeanisation as re-active migration policy? Mobility and integration in times of ‘Brexit’: a sociological perspective’, 3rd CDCDI International Conference: Changing migration policies: national perspectives and supra-national strategies, 10–11 November, Bucharest, Romania.

2016 - ‘EU Migrants and the Brexit Referendum: Attitudes, Fears and Practices’, UACES 46th Annual Conference, 5–7 September, Queen Mary University of London.

2016 - ‘External ethnic citizenship’ constellations in Central Eastern Europe: identity, rights and mobility', Political Citizenship and Social Movements, BSA Citizenship Study Group and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Citizenship, 27–28 June, University of Portsmouth.

2016 - ‘A comparative assessment of Hungarian and Romanian migration to the United Kingdom’, SSEES Workshop on European Migrants in the UK and Ireland, 14 May Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL.

2016 - ‘Trans-bordering nationhood: Hungarian and Romanian 'trans-border national' migrants in the United Kingdom’, 26th ASEN Annual Conference: Nationalism, Migration and Population Change, The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN), 19–21 April, London School of Economics and Political Science.

2016 - ‘A comparative assessment of Hungarian and Romanian migration to the United Kingdom’, New Ideas and New Generations of Regional Policy in Eastern Europe, Institute of Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 7–8 April, Pécs, Hungary.

2015 - ‘Beyond rights and wrongs: Romanian and Hungarian (external) citizens on the British labour market’, 2nd CDCDI International Conference: Challenges Ahead: Integration of Migrants on the European Labour Market, 12–13 March, Bucharest, Romania.

2015 - ‘Uneven EU mobilities: a Hungarian case study of post-crisis mobility patterns’, Mobility in Crisis: Is Europe becoming more mobile during the economic crisis or is European mobility in crisis?, 29 January, EUI, Florence, Italy.

2014 - ‘A political community of external ethnic citizens? Geography, ethnicity and the political untangled’, Political Community: Authority in the Name of Community. Workshop and PhD summer school, 26 June, University of Aberdeen (CISRUL).

2014 - ‘Community and Identity in a United Europe: Perspectives on CEE migration to the UK’, 1st CDCDI International Conference: Rethinking EU Immigration: Legal Perspectives, Management and Practices, 13 March, Bucharest, Romania.

2013 - ‘From Post-Socialist to Post-Accession Pioneering: The Shaping of Romanian Migration Networks to Spain and the United Kingdom’, THEMIS international migration conference: Examining Migration Dynamics, 26 September, University of Oxford.

2013 - ‘Mobilities and Citizenships: Multiple Dimensions of Central Eastern European Migration to the United Kingdom’, Horizontal Europeanization Summer School, 27 August, Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg (D).

2013 - ‘Post-migration complexities: Strategies of social differentiation in a Romanian community in Spain’, NORFACE Conference on Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers, 12 April, University College London.  

2013 - ‘The Asianization of national fantasies in the West. A view from Central Europe’, Where is Home? Place, Belonging and Citizenship in the Asian Century, 23 March, Hong Kong Baptist University.

2012 - ‘European mobility and the question of new minorities: the case of Romanians in Spain’, Assessing Accession Symposium 2012: Minorities and the EU Eastern Enlargement, 14 June, University of Tartu, Estonia.

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