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Monitoring Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are included in the standard quality monitoring and review processes that apply to all University programmes.

Annual Monitoring

Every year the University carries out an annual monitoring process, which allows it to determine the academic health of programmes and take action in response to any concerns. The process is the same as the internal process. This includes module evaluations and Programme Review and Enhancement reports (PRE).

External Examiners

The University’s normal external examining arrangements apply for the degree aspects of the degree apprenticeships. In the nomination of external examiners, please consider both academic and practice-based experience.

For integrated apprenticeships, the external examiner will be involved in the oversight of the end-point assessment (EPA). For non-integrated apprenticeships, the external examiner will not play a direct role in the EPA process. They will, however, be involved in the awarding of the degree.

In terms of the monitoring process, External Examiners see a range of work and marks and attend School Assessment Panels. An External Examiner for Progress and Award also works with the University's Progress and Award Examination Panel.

External Examiners write a report each year and a member of YSJU will write a formal response to this using the Response to External Examiner Report form. The procedure for Reviewing External Examiner Reports gives more information.

The response to the External Examiner's report is considered by School Quality Panels/the University’s Quality and Standards Committee.

Feedback from Employers

Employers are an integral part of the apprentice’s learning experience and they are partners with the University on delivery of the programme. The regular tripartite meetings to review the Commitment Statement gives an opportunity to receive feedback on the programme from both the apprentice and the employer. You should also seek feedback from employers when revalidating your programme, as you did when developing the programme initially (see Employer Engagement section on Programme Design and Structure).


Externally Ofsted are responsible for inspecting degree apprenticeship under the Education Inspection Framework. More information and guidance for staff can be found on the Degree Apprenticeships intranet site.

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